David LaChapelle


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David LaChapelle
Land Scape 
Soft cover, 90 pages


"The sites depicted in LaChapelle's LAND SCAPE represent the globally networked industrial infrastructure of oil production and distribution. The Gas Station series was shot on location in the rainforest of Maui, and the Refineries were photographed both in the studio and in the remote locations in expansive deserts and along the majestic California coastline. The eponymous gas stations and refineries that populate LaChapelle's iconic natural-world locations are staged as architectural avatars of a planet coping with the stresses of peak oil, and really of just peak everything. Yet even as the dazzling, even romantic spectacle and retro-future aesthetic of the buildings distracts from the dangers of their future, the eye is enthralled by their artificial magic. Both bodies of work use elaborately and imaginatively handcrafted scale models, saliently constructed of cardboard and a vast array of recycled and repurposed materials from egg cartons to tea cannisters, drinking straws, chafing trays, hair curlers, fly-swatters, computer motherboards, spray-paint canisters, patio lights, and other by products of our petroleum-based disposbility-obsessed culture."
-Shana Nys, LAND SCAPE