Little Cloud

$230.00 usd


Little Cloud, 2014
Acrylic lamp
12 x 8 inches


Little Cloud is the latest edition by L.A. based artist collective FriendsWithYou. A functional art object inspired by the artists' larger Little Cloud sculpture from 2013, this work serves as both a source of physical light and a tool for conscious illumination. The table-top lamp features multiple light intensities, ranging from cool to warm, and can be plugged into an outlet for continuous use or charged and used wirelessly. The lamp's compact size allows for it to travel easily, serving as a "vehicle of light and unconditional love." FriendsWithYou views the cloud emblem as "an enduring symbol of love and guidance on a light-filled path." This edition was designed in collaboration with Case Studyo.

FriendsWithYou is a contemporary fine art collective that has been spreading their unifying message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship worldwide since their founding in 2002. Expanding their mission of connectivity and reawakening via their interactive artworks, the artists Samual Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III call on the viewer to reinvent and reinterpret the lost meaning of spirituality. Using ideas like animism, healing arts, the modern ritual and celebrated symbols, FriendsWithYou addresses the human need to relate to one another. Together, the artists have constructed their own brand of post pop visual language a la Murakami Arturo Herrera and Yayoi Kusama and have instilled in their work the powerful ability to trigger thoughts of happiness, curiosity, and meaningful interaction.