Nir Hod

"The Night You Left" Mirrored Coasters

Valentine: Limited Edition

$180.00 usd



Nir Hod
The Night You Left Mirrored Coasters
Valentine: Limited Edition
Set of 4


Love and longing are at the heart of Nir Hod’s series of oil-on-mirror paintings entitled The Night You Left. This Valentine’s, we are releasing 50 limited edition sets of pink mirrored coasters inspired by these enigmatic works to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. 

With an adroit playfulness, Hod bottles the recurring theme of introspection contemplated in The Night You Left into a functional object: a set of four mirrored coasters, lined with printed white powder. Decadent and eye-catching, the limited edition coasters are backed with black velvet and are housed in a sleek black box, now available for purchase for $180.    

The Night You Left masterfully captures a heightened and ephemeral emotional state; a moment of solitude and self-revelation. It is a meditation on love and love lost, on pain and catharsis. “There is a certain magic in loneliness,” Hod explains, “you have to be alone to create,” adding, “It’s not about drugs or glamour—it’s about the inside world, where you can dream and love and seek a greater truth—it’s about a feeling of being connected to something so human.”    

Nir Hod, born 1970 in Tel Aviv, lives and works in New York. In his videos, sculptures and realist paintings, Hod creates luxuriously stylized worlds of beauty, loneliness, glamour and death. As Richard Vine wrote in the catalogue for Hod’s survey exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, “From the beginning of his career, Nir Hod has opposed the ideology that labels sumptuousness an esthetic sin. His work openly substitutes the pleasure principle and a fluid multiplicity of selves for the old notions of high seriousness and personal authenticity.”