Walton Ford


The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

$300.00 usd


Walton Ford
GRRR! for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary
15 x 20 inches
Numbered edition of 1000, signed by Walton Ford


The limited edition lithograph features Walton Ford’s GRRR! for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary album. Each piece is signed by Walton Ford as part of an edition of 1000.

Walton Ford (born 1960 in Larchmont, New York) continues to live and work in New York. His monumental and meticulously created works expand the visual language and narrative scope of natural history paintings. Influenced by the Naturalist Illustration Movement, Ford includes in his works a critique on the intersection of human culture and the natural world. Ford’s gorilla graphic integrates the usual and the surreal, expressing his own understanding of how we view animals as he exaggerates their human qualities.